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Note I no longer support the bearing option using the 3210A2RS1TN9MT33 and the flanged bushes as described below.

Instead I recommend to use original replacement bearings only. Unfortunately these are expensive and often not available.

I may be in a position to supply reconditioned original bearings. These bearings are disassembled, cleaned and inspected. If they are in good condition they are assembled again with new lithium grease. Note that this is a second best option.

Price for a reconditioned bearing is € 100.

€ 15 euro inside the Netherlands
€ 25 euro inside Europe
€ 35 outside Europe

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Note I no longer support the bearing option using the 3210A2RS1TN9MT33 and the flanged bushes as described below.

For sale: wheel bearings for Fulvia and Flavia

Price information

  • Price per bearing: € 110
  • Price for four bearings: € 400

Note that above prices are for a complete unit. The flanged bushes are already pressed onto the 3210 bearing so that it is ready to be mounted on your car.


    1 bearing   2 - 4 bearings
  • Netherlands (standard mail)
€ 10     € 10    
  • Europe (priority mail)
€ 20     € 25    
  • Outside Europe (priority mail)
€ 30     € 35    

We use the SKF 3210A2RS1TN9MT33 double row angular contact ball bearing. The 3210 bearing is slightly smaller than the original Fulvia / Flavia wheelbearing. We press on precision made flanged bushes to convert the 3210 to exactly the dimensions of the Fulvia / Flavia wheel bearing. The advantage is that the 3210 is a standard catalog item available form any SKF dealer. If for any reason the bearing has to be replaced again, the flanged bushes can be re-used.

Some technical information.

The 3210A2RS1TN9MT33 bearing is a state of the art high precision part. It has

  • a lithium base grease of consistency 3 to the NLGI Scale. It has good rust inhibiting properties. The grease is suitable for operating temperatures in the range -30 to +120 C
  • glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6,6 cages
  • synthetic rubber, sheet steel reinforced seals at both sides. The seal material is resistant to ageing and wear. The temperature limits for the seals are -40 to +120 C. The periphery of the seal engages in a recess in the outer ring without deforming the ring and provides good sealing at this position. The rubber lip seals against the inner ring, exerting a slight pressure on the ring.
  • dynamic load rating of 48800 N
  • static load rating of 39000 N
  • lower friction than the original bearings resulting in less fuel consumption
  • the inner raceways cannot be seperated, which greatly reduces the risk of damage to the bearing or its components during mounting or dismounting. It also prevents the bearing from failing due to insufficient torquing of the axle nut. Axle nuts should nevertheless be torqued with the values given in the Fulvia or Flavia Technical Data book.