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15 April 2016 04:19PM

My Lancia Fulvia is sometimes overheating. When I drove back from Sweden, (photo) the first leg I drove constantly for around 120/130kmh and all was fine. The last hour in Germany I drove 160km and quite soon the engine was boiling, and the next day I couldnt drive faster than 100 and it started to boil. Quite random.
Also last summer with the higher temperatures the engine boiled pretty fast on higher speeds.

What have I done:
- flushed the engine and radiator lot with water and this special can, taped it off and filled this again, several times; a lot rusty water came out (still original engine)
- replaced the thermostat

So I think the engine block has been flushed quite ok and that now all the dirt from all of those years are stuck in the radiator which results in less cooling capacity.
Any other options? So I was thinking of buying this radiator:
Anybody experience with this one in quality and cooling performnce? or know other suppliers of new radiators?

Or anybody other ideas which cause this problem?

Thanks for thinking along!
Best regards, Tom
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FulviaTom188815 April 2016 04:19PM

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NeilS148015 April 2016 04:55PM

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Charles147415 April 2016 10:59PM

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foggy150316 April 2016 12:22PM

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racing135117 April 2016 10:23PM

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bart131604 May 2016 04:55PM

Re: Overheating Fulvia 1.3

FulviaTom113002 August 2016 08:32PM

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