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from Rome, Italy

Model: Lancia Delta Integrale 16v bordeaux met. 1990

Plate Roma3H0211, chassis ZLA831AB000470480
I bought this car 05/10/2002 at 18.00 and it was stoled between 20.00 and 22.00 of ...5/10/2002 !!!


from Kensington, London

Model: Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1994, 1995cc, Left Hand Drive

Date Stolen: 4th December 2002

Registration when stolen: L214 HYE
Kilometres: 40,000km
Chassis No.: ZLA831AB000584140
Enginge No: 1529186
Description: Dark blue with Recaro high back seats made of Alcantara in beige. Air conditioning, but no stereo, speakers or aerial. Silver alloy wheels with small lip spoiler on top of rear hatchback.

Please call/e-mail with any information or advice of where else to look or whom to contact
Rob Lamplough
Tel. +44 (0) 20 7399 5724

from Henley-on-Thames area

1972 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 S2

Stolen: 11th September 1999.

Dark blue; cream vinyl interior.
No rust. Waxoyled inside doors and under bonnet
4000 odd miles on clock.
All body panels very good condition.
Reg JXE 84K
Distinguished by wholly unique walnut veneer dash (as opposed to light coloured ply). Only one in country with this type of dash.

Other distinguishing features:

  • Seat frames re-painted in silver rust free paint
  • Area beneath handbrake painted lighter blue Hammerite
  • Rubber along door sill new and not very well fitting
  • Radiator fan over ride switch located under dash next to rt bulkhead
  • Small cylindrical metal switch under dash to left of steering wheel - not connected
  • Silver surround on bonnet scoop painted (not chromed)
  • Dark blue carpet inside - new
  • New underlay

Inside at time car was stolen:
Pioneer multistack face off CD stereo (with CD's inside Texas, Austin Powers, Friends etc) Blue "Pull & Bear" waterproof; blue saddlecloth.

From Milano, Italy

Delta integrale evoluzione II 1993

Robbery: Corso Europe in Milano, on 24/Jan'99 midnight

Exterior: originally white but I painted it in Lancia's original color called Blue Lagos
Interior: Recaro high back seats made of Alcantara in beige, white panel besides indicators + engine starter at top center, full optional
engine: N1 spec, only 20,000km after replacement
modification: Garret T3 modified, Abarth computer (Max boost 1.4), light weight fly wheel, reinforced clutch, brake disc by Brembo, Aibach spring set, reinforced shock absorbers, sports exhaust system, K & N sports air filter
Rikio DAIMON from Milan,

from London, UK

Lancia Delta Integrale Evolution 1994

Stolen May 21, 1999

Chassis no: ZLA831AB000584188
Plates no: TS401877, first registered in Trieste, Italy
Kilometrage: 36.600
Lord blue, beige alcantar with airconditioning
Alpine stereo
Originally supplied by Concinnitas, Trieste, Italy (still has sticker with this on rear window)
If this car comes to your notice, please call Nottingham Police London: 0181 - 246 0136 (from within the UK) or +44 181 246 0136 (from abroad)

from Seattle, Washingon, USA

1977 Scorpion #137as0101529.

Stolen from west Seattle, WA. May 3, 1999

Description: Jet black, clearcoat, very straight, Abarth badges, S2 grille with "campione del mondo" emblem. Jetta headlights, Ferrari style taillights on expanded metal rear grille. Montecarlo bumpers, dual ansa exhaust. New red interior, Momo suede black wheel with yellow ferrari horn button. 16" Borbet typeA wheels with bridgestone expedia's 215/45/16. Front tires are model TT-010 with center aqua channel. Car was stolen without a roof and haden't yet been equipped with side mirrors or front turn signals. New 2 liter with side draft webers on hand made intake manifold. Cam covers are red wrinkle finish.
Eric Kestner, (206) 938-6805,

from UK

Lancia HF Integrale 16v

Date Stolen : Tuesday 27 Oct 1998
From: Reading Central Station Car Park

Registration : G 698 YRX
Colour : Monza Red
VIN/Chassis : ZLA831AB000499123
Engine : 1013130
Mileage : 62500 Km

The car is a standard UK spec car of the time. It therefore has no control panel, only the storage pod on the dashboard at the top centre. It has standard grey alcantara trim with the Harlem striped inserts on seats and doors.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Electric Arial in offside rear quarter
  • Replacement Stainless Steel Exhaust system
  • Std 16 v Wheels - just refinished - new Pirelli P700Z 205x15 Tyres - Rim size missing on two wheels - slight scuff on bead of offside rear
  • Small manufacturing fault on rear offside quarter next to tail lights where interior mounting bracket is attached - only visible looking along car
  • Tailgate lock - damage to keyhole and interior cover broken
  • Overspray on offside rear door handle gasket due to repair
  • Main beam lights (central) are different makes (Carello and Siem)
  • Equipped with a white Varta replacement Battery
  • The distributor cap and rotor arm are in white/beige plastic rather than the standard black plastic of the originals
  • The car was equipped with a Moss alarm, which was mounted in the bulkhead containing the heater system. It was mounted next to the power steering fluid reservoir and the screw holes should be visible if it has been removed.
  • Non standard Momo (Monte Carlo) wheel with the word Momo highlighted in yellow which was done by me
  • Blister on the top of the dashboard in the centre caused by removal of a self adhesive ultrasonics pad - size about 1.5 ins round
  • Small dent in top edge of dashboard just above the central air vents.
  • Top right hand corner of the instrument/air vent pod does pop from retaining lug regularly and is noticeable if it has occurred.
  • Small visible scratch on the perspex covering the oil pressure gauge - about 0.25 in
  • Silver, not black screws holding in the top of the central instrument/radio binnacle. The lower right hand attachment point (in offside passenger footwell ) is missing a screw due to missing spire speed fixing behind it.
  • Cloth covering the sliding sunroof does not lie flat due to padding underneath being misaligned.
  • Small black mark on the centre of the rear seat cushion ( about 0.5 inch long ) on the grey alcantara, just in front of central seat belt mounting.

I can provide a number of other distinguishing features, which I know from having owned the car for the past seven years. As I am sure you can appreciate trying to find another car which has only had one previous owner, in good condition having only covered 37,500 miles will be tough so I am much more interested in finding the car than getting the insurance so any help you can provide will be gratefully received.

You can contact me either by mail, or via my mobile 0850 000059 (UK)
Thank you in advance of any help.
David Steel

from Belgium

Lancia Delta HF INTEGRALE 16v (5/91)

Stolen 20 - 21 October 1998

Ch nr. ZLA831AB000526909
License plate. KXP 687
colour RED paintig as new
Left front seat and floor coverage is used
new suspention in the front
new headlights
OWNER: Johan Heremans
private +(32)3/844 74 03
work +(32)2/255 97 00
Fax +(32)2/253 67 07

from the Netherlands

Lancia Delta Integrale 1988 Color black metallic

Date: in the night from 05-06 september 1998

Mark: A (little) scratch at the right front corner above bumper
Place: Hapert (Holland)
Chassis: ZLA831AB000437294
Owner: Marcel de Leeuw,
Telephone: Holland +31-497-389648

from Italy

Lancia Delta HF Integrale > Martini 5< lim. edition nr. 367/400

Date: night from 07. - 08. July 1998

stolen in Italy 25 km south to Livorno
Informations to the Owner: Holger Stirm Tel. +49 172 766 9783 (Germany)

from UK

1975 Fulvia S3

Date: 08-March-98

Beige with grey leather interior
Reg: MCK 515P
Chassis 818.631*73463*
Engine 818.303*125063*
Owner - Neil Campbell, Preston, UK
telephone - 01772 624039 home or 01942 402702 work
car stolen in Liverpool


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